Interac® E-Transfers

Send and receive money by email through online banking. INTERAC® E-Transfers allow you to send money from Your Credit Union accounts to anyone with an email address and a bank account at a participating financial institution. You can also receive INTERAC® E-Transfers directly into Your Credit Union accounts. It's fast, convenient and secure!


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  • There is a non-refundable fee of $0.90 for sending EMTs
  • There is no fee for receiving EMTs
  • There are maximum limits on EMTs 
    • EMT transaction limit - $3,000
    • Outgoing Daily EMT limit - $5,000
    • Outgoing Weekly (rolling 7 day window) EMT limit - $10,000
    • Outgoing Monthly (rolling 30 day window) EMT limit - $20,000

It's Easy!

  1. Log-in to online banking
  2. Click ‘Transfers’
  3. Click ‘Send INTERAC E-Transfer’
  4. Choose the account to ‘Transfer From’
  5. Enter the amount you want to send
  6. Choose the recipient to ‘Transfer To’
  7. Leave them a message
  8. Click ‘Continue’
  9. ‘Confirm’ all the information is correct

Important Information

  • First time users of INTERAC® E-Transfers will be prompted to create/edit their ‘Sender Profile’
  • The email addresses you enter for yourself and recipients will be used to inform you and the recipient when a transfer has been sent, received, or declined.
  • For your security, only you and the recipient should know the security question and answer.
  • You can edit a recipient's information or delete them at any time
  • It can take 15-30 minutes for the recipient to receive a notification email regarding the INTERAC® E-Transfer.
  • If the recipient does not accept and deposit the INTERAC® E-Transfer within 30 days of it being sent, it will be automatically deposited back into your account.


For more information about INTERAC® E-Transfers please contact your local branch or visit


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