Non-Redeemable Term Deposits
1 Year Term 0.90%
2 Year Term 0.95%
3 Year Term 0.95%
4 Year Term 1.00%
5 Year Term 1.10%
Redeemable Escalator Term **certain conditions apply
Year 1 0.45%
Year 2 0.50%
Year 3 0.80%
Year 4 1.20%
Year 5 1.95%

Owners get higher returns

Because we are a financial co-operative we can reinvest our profits to provide our member-owners with the highest possible returns on their investments. This is true of term deposits which offer a guaranteed rate of return over a fixed period of time.

Term deposits are an excellent way to generate that nest egg you know you want because they are automatic.  You simply purchase the amount you wish and then you need do nothing more until it matures.  At that point you can even reinvest your term deposit and earn interest on your interest.  Talk to us today about the guaranteed strength of term deposits.


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