Becoming a Member is easy.

You can join Your Credit Union using our online membership application or visit a local branch:

To start have the following ready:

  • Identification –either Driver’s Licence, Provincial Identification Card, Canadian Passport, or Permanent Canadian Resident Card. The identification must not be expired
  • Social Insurance Number
  • When you join Your Credit Union, there is a $5 member share that is required to make you a member-owner.   As a member-owner you have a vote on significant issues affecting the credit union. You even get to vote in the election of our Board of Directors. In fact, you can stand for election to our Board if you wish. When is the last time your big bank asked your opinion on anything?
  • Once you have your account opened, you will need a cheque that includes your name from another Canadian Bank or Credit Union payable to you and signed by you. Your name can be either pre-printed or handwritten.

The membership application should take about 15 minutes to complete, depending on your internet speed and if you have all the required information available. If you are applying for a joint membership, you will need to come into the branch.

Once we review your application, we'll contact you with further details.

If you need assistance at any time, please call our Call Centre at 1.800.379.7757

If you don't have time to complete your application today, you can save it and return to it later.

Only Ontario residents 18 years and over are eligible to apply online.
Open to Personal Accounts only. Business Accounts must apply in-branch.

Cryptocurrency:   Given the uncertainty and a current lack of regulatory framework, we have decided to limit our exposure for the time being and therefore will not open accounts for the purpose of conducting cryptocurrency transactions.

We can give you the strength to drop your big bank

Many people are dissatisfied with their big bank.  The high fees they pay and the exorbitant salaries taken by bank executives anger them but they feel like they have no other option for meeting their financial needs.

Owners get lower fees and higher returns

Your Credit Union exists to meet the needs of our member-owners, not to make money from them. That means that we can reinvest our profits in providing the lowest possible fees and the highest possible rates of return to our member-owners. It’s so much easier to treat people fairly when you’re not trying to make money from them. Here are just some of the ways we save you money:

  • All new member-owners receive a fee-free account for one year
  • After year one debit transaction fees are still 40% lower than traditional banks
  • You have access to over 3500 ATMs nation-wide and 30,000 worldwide that carry no fee at all
  • Secure personal loans at the lowest possible interest rate
  • Earn the highest possible return on deposits

We can do anything your big bank can do

Your Credit Union offers all of the products and services you need to manage your finances. From mortgages and loans to RRSPs and mutual funds, we can give you the solutions you need without the attitude and  bureaucracy of your big bank. We offer state-of-the-art online banking and our Mobile Banking App has been ranked #1 in North America. You can deposit a cheque from anywhere using your smart phone or sign documents by remote using our e-signature solution. In short, Your Credit Union can do anything your big bank can do and we can do it for less.

You deal with the decision makers

We do not do our decision making on Bay St. We make all of our decisions locally and we empower all of our staff to do whatever it takes to get our member-owners the solution they need. We also do not make decisions based solely on a credit score. We have close relationships with our member-owners and we have the flexibility to consider their entire situation when devising a solution for them. We represent a fairer way to bank because it is simply not possible to be transparent and totally committed to meeting a person’s needs if you are trying to make money from them.

Profits with a higher purpose

As a financial co-operative, Your Credit Union adheres to the guiding principles of the international co-operative movement. A core principle is care for community, which entails investing in the betterment of the  communities we serve. Your Credit Union contributes a portion of earnings every year to support important programs that improve the quality of live for our fellow citizens. Imagine being part of a financial institution that you are actually proud of.

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