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Class B Investment Shares

Long-term Investment in Your Credit Union.


We are not offering Class B Investment Shares currently.

Offering Statements


What Are Class B Investment Shares?

Description:      Class B Investment Shares are a long-term investment option for members over the age of 18 to diversify their portfolio, earn a higher-than-market rate of return, and invest in the growth of YCU. They are non-membership shares that are part of the authorized Regulatory Capital of Your Credit Union. They are not secured by any assets of YCU and are not covered by deposit insurance or any other guarantee as to repayment of the principal amount or interest. They are “Non-Participating” shares; in case of dissolution of Your Credit Union, shareholders receive only the redemption amount and do not receive any residual value of the credit union’s assets. The minimum purchase amount is $5,000 and the maximum amount is $250,000. Shares are available to residents of Ontario only. Adult members of YCU may hold shares in a TFSA, a RRSP or a non-registered account. There are no fees involved in buying, selling or transferring shares.  

Interest:      Your Credit Union will pay interest in every year in which there are sufficient profits to do so while still fulfilling all other Regulatory Capital, liquidity and operational requirements. There can be no guarantee that interest will be paid each year. The Board of Directors considers whether or not interest will be declared and the rate of that interest, following each fiscal year end (September 30). The owner of the shares on the date of record (September 30) receives the full year’s interest. Partial interest payments are not paid upon transfer of shares that occur throughout the fiscal year. Distributions paid on the Class B Investment Shares are deemed to be interest and not dividends, and are not eligible for the dividend tax credit. When Series 1 was issued in the year 2000, the annual interest payment rate was set at 1% above the average posted 5-year term deposit rate. When Series 2 was issued in 2014, the Board further defined a target minimum rate of 3.75%. The rates paid in past years were:


2001 - 5.80%

2002 - 5.157%

2003 - 4.967%

2004 - 4.218%

2005 - 4.448%

2006 - 4.437%

2007 - 4.716%

2008 - 4.84%

2009 - 3.39%

2010 - 3.54%

2011 - 3.20%

2012 - 3.10%

2013 - 3.30%

2014 - 3.75%

2015 - 3.75%

2016 - 3.75%

2017 - 3.75%

2018 - 3.75%

2019 - 3.75%

2020 - 3.75%

2021 - 3.75%

2022 - 4.12%

2023 - 4.96%



Redemption:      Redemption of Class B Investment Shares is at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Redemption requests have a waiting period to allow time for the Board to meet. Series 1 (offered to members on March 31, 2000) have a 30-day waiting period for redemption requests. Series 2 (offered to members on August 29, 2013 and issued in April 2014) have a 90-day waiting period for redemption requests.  If YCU has adequate regulatory capital and liquidity, the Board will redeem a maximum of 10% of the outstanding shares each fiscal year on a first-come first-served basis. After the 10% has been reached for a fiscal year, YCU will facilitate the transfer of shares between members, provided that a buyer can be found to purchase the shares. 

This lack of liquidity means that Class B Investment Shares are not suitable for RRIFs, RESPs, RRSPs where the member is approaching age 71, or any other short time period where withdrawals will be required at a specific time.