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​Your Savings Account

We reinvest our profits into providing the highest possible returns on your savings.


Savings Accounts

Our Savings accounts give you options:  The flexibility to save for those new boots or a dream vacation in the short term, or the down payment for a house or a new car in the longer term.  These savings accounts are also compatible with many of our investment options.


Our most popular savings account is a great spot to move money so that is not a part of your daily transactional accounts. 

The HISA is a high daily interest rate account for members who do not require chequing services or daily transactions. Available for RSP and TFSA's as well.

The TFSA is great for members over the age of 18 who want to have their investments grow tax-free and remain tax-free at redemption.


Payroll Deductions Makes Saving Automatic​​

We are making saving convenient for you. Set aside a little extra money for a rainy day or save up for a big purchase with an automatic payroll deduction. It is the easiest way to ‘pay yourself’ first.  Contact us to start saving today.

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