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​A Better Way to Bank

We exist to meet your needs, not to make money from you.


Lower Fees

No matter what type of account you need, you will get the lowest possible fees, because that is what owners deserve.  


Maximum convenience, low fees


​High returns, low fees

So Many Ways to Bank

We make it easy to bank YOUR way

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Banking is Better When You’re an Owner

Credit Unions…

  • Reinvest profits in lower fees for members.

  • Treat their members as owners who have an equal stake in its success.

  • Have a mandate to control costs and keep fees as low as possible.

  • Have highly experienced personnel who tend to stay in their branch.

  • Devise solutions for their members based on a personal relationship, a deep understanding of their needs and a willingness to look beyond credit scores for innovative answers.

Traditional Banks…

  • Earn profit for themselves and their shareholders.

  • Treat their customers as a source of revenue.

  • Have a mandate to make as much money as they can.

  • Have highly experienced personnel who move frequently.

  • Devise solutions for their customers based on credit scores, their relative value as a customer and the pre-packaged products they have available to sell.


​Service Fees

​Click here for a breakdown of our account service fees, and a little more on why we charge them.

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