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​Owners Get Lower Fees

With no profit motive we can reinvest any profits we do make into lower fees for our member-owners. That means that our fees are lower than traditional banks and we do our best to eliminate fees when we can.

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Check Out Our Chequing Account Packages

These fees apply to all member accounts which do not have a package plan or are pay as you go. They also apply to transactions in excess of any plan package limits.
Fees on US Dollar accounts will be charged in US funds. 
Deposits  Free   Mailed statement  $2.50
In branch withdrawal  $0.90   E-statement  Free
In branch transfer  Free   Statement reprint  $3.00
In branch bill payment  $1.00   Interim statements  $3.00
Chequing clearing  $0.90   Cheque images included in mailed statements  Free
Preauthorized debit  $0.90   Historic statements greater than 12 months  $10/mon
Preauthorized debit for YCU loan payments  Free   Letter in good standing  $15.00
Transfer to term deposits  Free   Mortgage, loan, interest or misc. letter  $12.00
Telephone banking transfer  Free   Search for items (cheques, deposits, etc)   
Telephone banking bill payment  $0.90   Less than 90 days  $5.00/item
Online/mobile transfer  Free   Greater than 90 days  $10.00/item
Online/mobile bill payment  $0.90   Multiple items or lengthy searches  $40.00/hr2
lnterac debit (point of sale)  $0.90   Bank confirmations  $25.00
Debit card cross border (point of sale)  $0.90   Audit certificates  $25.00
lnterac e-mail transfer  $0.90   Bill payment trace requests  Costs3
Received e-money transfer  Free      
YCU A TM withdrawal  Free    CHEQUES   
Exchange Network ATM withdrawal  Free   Deposit anywhere  Free
      Certified cheque -member request  $10.00
 OTHER ATM NETWORK FEES      Certified cheque - non-member request  $20.00
These are network fees; additional fees may be levied by the owner of the ATM    Bank drafts - CAD $  $7.50
ATM withdrawal at other Financial Institution  $2.00   Bank drafts - Foreign $  $12.00
U.S./ International ATM withdrawal $4.00   Stop payment - full details provided  $12.00
      Stop payment - incomplete details provided  $15.00
 FOREIGN CURRENCY     Charge backs  $5.00
Sell currency other than US$ to member  $5.00   NSF cheques  $35.00
Buy currency other than US$ from member  $5.00   Unauthorized overdraft per item  $10.00
Buy/sell currency to non-member  $10.00   Incorrectly encoded pre-authorized debit  $10.00
Shipping fee added to buy/sell  
    transactions over $500 
Min of $15.00   Post-dated cheques  $2.50 per item
Foreign currency cheque drawn on Canadian dollar account $20.00   Personalized cheque order  Costs
ATM-Deposit of foreign currency cheque  to CAD $ account1 $10.00   Manual cheque clearing items  $10.00
Annual Safety Deposit Box Rental Fee - Small $60.00   Incoming (additional fees may be charged by other parties involved)  $25.00
Annual Safety Deposit Box Rental Fee - Medium $100.00   Outgoing  $30.00
Annual Safety Deposit Box Rental Fee - Large $175.00   Outgoing: inquiries/tracing/cancellation/amendment  $25.00
Drilling Cost      
Key Replacement Cost    CREDIT PRODUCTS   
Inactive Account - After full 12 months $55.00/yr   Overdraft protection  $2.50/mon
Account closed within 90 days of opening  $25.00   Mortgage re-advancement  $100.00
Courier  Cost   Mortgage discharge  $300.00
Registered Mail  Cost   Transfer of mortgage to other institution  $300.00
RSP Withdrawal $35.00   Assignment fee  $200.00
Transfer of a registered plan to another institution
(includes TFSA, RSP, RIF, FHSA)
$100.00   Property valuation for mortgage  $350.00
Records search  $25.00/hr3   Letter of credit  1% of limit5
Tax Receipt Reprint  $10.00   Loan extension /alteration fee  $25.00
Transfer of account to another institution (BOA)  $25.00   Bridge loan fee  $150.00
PAD origination trace/recall  $12.00   NSF payments (YCU loan/mortgage payment)  $20.00
Coverdraft on account - for Cheque/PAD  $2.50   Loan administration charge6 $15.00
ATM debit/ credit adjustment notice  $2.00      
Municipal property tax payment in addition to draft cost  $5.00      
Cheque Copy  $1.50      
Withdrawal from Non-Redeemable Term Deposit4 $100.00      
FHSA Withdrawal (Non-Qualifying) $35.00      
TFSA Withdrawal $1.90      

These rates are subject to change. Updated January 1, 2024

  1. Exchange rates at current rates to convert to CAD $ are not included in this fee.
  2. Minimum of $20.00
  3. Minimum of $25.00
  4. Withdrawals only permitted in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of YCU
  5. Minimum of $50.00
  6. Applicable if member does not have active banking account with YCU