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​Advice to Keep You Safe

Unfortunately, fraud is a serious issue in today’s world. The Internet has provided amazing opportunities but it has also increased the incidence of identity theft and other forms of fraud. As part of our commitment to keeping you safe, here are 5 smart and simple fraud prevention tips that you can start using right now:

  • Protect your personal information. Unless you’re communicating with someone you know (and who has a good reason for asking), don’t reveal any personal information over the phone, such as passwords, credit card numbers, or even your date of birth or occupation. And never share personal or confidential information through email, or on unfamiliar or unencrypted websites.
  • Choose and store passwords While remembering dozens of passwords can be a burden, it’s never a good idea to use the same password multiple times, or to pick passwords that sophisticated cyber criminals can easily guess (such as your birthday, street address, and so on).   Online banking allows up to 30 alphanumeric characters.  The alphanumeric characterset may include both upper and lower case letters and numbers. Also be sure not to store your passwords in a spreadsheet on your computer, or even in a notebook in your house. Burglars often search for that kind of information, so they can then log into your accounts and wreak havoc before victims have a chance to change passwords.
  • Shield your PIN. Regardless of whether you’re using an ATM that you’ve used a hundred times before, or a point-of-sale terminal at your favourite neighborhood store, it only takes one bad experience to make you wish you could “turn back the clock” and shield your pin. It’s a simple and smart habit that will help keep you safe.
  • Shred documents. While it may seem a bit “excessive” for you to shred receipts and other documents that you no longer need, the unfortunate reality is that criminals will sift through garbage and recycling bins to find information they can use to commit crimes. Shredders are inexpensive, portable and easy ways to make sure that what you throw away stays thrown away!
  • Check all credit card statements. Life can get very busy, and it can be hard to find time to scrutinize credit card statements each month -- especially if you have several credit cards. However, it’s time very well spent! By spotting suspicious charges and reporting them immediately to your credit card company, you not only protect yourself and avoid liability, but your credit card company can investigate and hopefully thwart a would-be criminal in his or her tracks – which helps make everyone else safer, too.​

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