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  • Who We Are

Ownership = A Better Way to Bank


Co-operatives Mean Better Business

​A co-operative is an association of people who voluntarily unite to meet their common economic, social or cultural needs. Co-operatives, or co-ops, exist in a wide range of categories including agriculture, insurance and even sporting goods (Mountain Equipment Co-op). The first cooperative financial institution in Canada was started by Alphonse Desjardins in Quebec in 1900. Co-operative banks, also called credit unions or caisse populaires (peoples banks), began because the large traditional banks would not service people in remote rural areas. The people of these communities pooled their money and created their own banks to assist each other with loans and savings. Today more than one third of Canadians belong to at least one credit union.


Credit Unions Brings Fairness to Banking

As a co-operative financial institution, Your Credit Union is owned and democratically directed by our members. Unlike traditional banks we are not driven to make ever-increasing profits. We exist solely to meet the financial needs of our member-owners. It is, quite simply, a fairer method of banking that ensures that the needs of our member-owners are always placed above profit.


​"Your financial wellness starts with a conversation. Get great advice from people you trust." 

​Joel Lalonde, CEO

​Our Values


  • We care about our employees, members and the communities we serve. And we like to show it.


  • Together, we can accomplish anything.


  • We push the boundaries of 'banking' as we know it and strive to offer innovative products and services for our members.


​Our History

​​Your Credit Union has been helping our member-owners meet their financial objectives since 1950. We began as a financial co-operative for the teachers of Ottawa-Carleton and evolved to encompasses members from the Ottawa Citizen, the City of Ottawa and OC Transpo among others. In 2009 Your Credit Union became an “open bond” institution, which meant membership was open to everyone. Since that time we have welcomed a host of new member-owners who respect and appreciate the equity and intelligence of co-operative banking.



​​9 Board Members + 10,000+ members with a voice = one talented and well-governed credit union.

Get to know our Board of Directors a little bit better: 


Corporate Reports

Here you will find our Annual Reports and Financial Statements that demonstrate our commitment to fiscal responsibility and to creating value for our members.  You will also see examples of the contributions we make to our communities through donations of funds and time from our staff and members.  It is a commitment of which our members and staff should be justifiably proud.


Interested in Becoming a Member?

​Join 10,000+ other Canadians achieving their best financial futures.